The ultimate purpose of the Society is to serve as a voice to promote the significant impact that the 20/22 community can have in the Puerto Rico’s nonprofit sector. To achieve this, the 20/22 Act Foundation Inc. (the “Foundation”) was created to support and directly work with local charities in the animal cruelty, arts, elderly, and homeless areas, among others, by allocating monetary contributions collected as part of the educational and social efforts made through the Society. The Foundation is certified as a nonprofit organization under both the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01 and the Federal Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Organizations supported by the Foundation include local charities that fund grants for local students to attend universities who could otherwise not afford to, that outreach and give services to the homeless and the elderly on the Island, that provide computers for children in schools where access is unavailable, and that work on reducing the street dog population and animal abandonment through rescue and low cost spay and neuter campaigns.