Our Mission

The 20/22 Act Society is dedicated to increasing knowledge, developing awareness, and fostering a communal environment for individuals and entities interested in Acts 20, 22, and 273 of Puerto Rico.


Following the Spanish-American War, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States under the 1896 Treaty of Paris. At this time, the economy of Puerto Rico heavily relied on its sugar crop. In the middle of the century, free market reforms spread across the island, transforming Puerto Rico into the manufacturing powerhouse and prominent tourist destination that it is today. Recently, the legislature of Puerto Rico sought to add to this legacy through Acts 20, 22, and 273.

New and sweeping changes are taking place in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has passed legislation in 2012 to incentivize investors and service providers of all industries to relocate their headquarters to the island. In return for the island’s gained economic growth, these organizations and individuals are allowed new and exciting benefits. These new benefits apply to individuals and organizations who relocate to Puerto Rico and may include significant reductions of income taxes on long-term capital gains, dividends, interest, earnings and profit, and property. These benefits are possible because income generated within Puerto Rico is generally not subject to U.S. federal taxation.

We, the 20/22 Act Society, are excited to share how Puerto Rico’s legislative changes can benefit other service providers and organizations currently based in the U.S. This website will provide general information on the new legislation relating to this opportunity.